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What are "Mobile Diagnostic Professionals"?
The basic business model of the Mobile Diagnostic Professionals are that we are hired by general repair, body and transmission shops to diagnose difficult vehicle defects. We travel to these clients shops on an as needed basis and utilize our OEM tooling and advanced expertise to diagnose vehicles problems accurately and efficiently, guaranteed! ECU programming and security relearns services are also performed by the MDG member businesses.

Advantages for Mobile Diagnostic Group

Advantages for Mobile Diagnostic Group
  • Network of professionals to confer with
  • Learn from other successful members on how to build, market and run a successful Mobile business
  • Advertizing and national recognition through your web site listing and our industry marketing & awareness activities
  • Discounts on equipment & training purchases
  • Training library at our dedicated FTP site


  • How do I know if I'm ready to be successful at this business model?

  • Will this business model work in my area?

  • How much investment in equipment is needed?

  • What kind of insurance policies should I obtain?

  • How do I market myself to prospective clients?

  • How is the business model typically structured?

  • What are the training and educational requirements?

  • Opportunities to write and sell technical materials to some of MDG's corporate contacts


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